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Jewelry Boxes - A Thoughtful Christmas Gift

Jewelry is among the favorite gifts ever since long ago. It’s a nice choice of gift no matter when you give, but it is especially treasured as a holiday or Christmas gift. Jewelry boxes make perfect gifts which may probably be remembered even long after the holidays or occasions have past. As with jewelry itself, those jewelry boxes come in a variety of shapes, styles and finishes. If you make a careful selection you’ll always find the right present that fits right for your special someone.


When you’re buying jewelry you normally seek for quality, and the same goes for jewelry boxes. First of all, you’ll look for a well made strong box. It can be a wood, leather, plastic or even cardboard box with fabric lining. The fabric lining is important not just for beautiful decoration, but because it can prevent the content inside from tarnishing. Other features to consider include piano hinges, solid hardware, mitered corners and divided jewelry storage.


These general features may equally apply to all bulk jewelry boxes, but there are different styles available for women, men and children. Jewelry boxes for women come in a huge variety of finishes and styles. The exact style of women's jewelry boxes that you select will largely depend on the personality of your gift recipients. You can choose from traditional handcrafted jewelry gift boxes or opt for a more contemporary style.


Another thing that may factor in your choice of the gift boxes is the type of jewelry that your loved one has. For example, armoires with side necklace doors should be perfect for storing necklaces. Then, you can choose armoires with necklace swing-out sides, or a chest with a drop down storage area. The sizes may range from mini dresser-top jewelry box to floor standing models, and there are a variety of finishes including walnut, cherry and mahogany.


Similarly there are many jewelry gift boxes that are designed to best suit for storing chunky bracelets in boxes with open drawers or earrings in divided compartments. If one’s collection is mostly rings then look for a jewelry box that provides an ample amount of padded ring rolls. You can choose from plastic ring boxes, wood ring cases or specialty storage boxes.


If you are choosing a gift for a man then you need a jewelry gift box that will hold watches, wedding rings and every day accessories. A leather or wood valet box is a good choice for this. Designed with men in mind, these watch storage boxes and jewelry gift boxes store and organize keys, cufflinks, watches, glasses, coins and personal electronics, too.


There are no doubt jewelry containers that are designed for children. These plastic gift boxes are either for jewelry collections or musical keepsake gifts. Musical boxes are available in a variety of themes according to the child's interests; you will find ballerina, horse, fairy, under the sea, butterfly and even baseball themed boxes with designs and music that capture these different moods. These first jewelry sets are usually small to mid-sized but they are built to last.


So, start looking for the jewelry containers that will make this Christmas a most memorable occasion. PacZone is a leading custom watch packaging boxes supplier from China!

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